Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy

At Solé Spa Wellness Center, we set ourselves apart from the ordinary massage by focusing on providing a superior therapeutic experience. Choosing a massage technique may sound like a heavenly dilemma, so we have created customized options for you. When deciding on the perfect massage, your preferences for light or deep pressure are important. Please be mindful of your current health and physical conditions whether it is  relief from pain, release of tension, reduction of stress, or simply to relax and feel your best, Solé Spa is committed to promoting your most peaceful well-being.

Sports     60 min $65     90 min $95

Attain your  greatest potential by accelerating the body’s natural restorative processes while enhancing athletic performance. Helps to protect from injuries, & removes lactic acid build up.

Therapeutic Massage     60 min $65     90 min $95

A massage focusing on specific “stress holding” areas for deeper relief using slow myofascial release techniques.

Pre-Natal     60 min $80     

Pregnancy massage promotes relaxation, soothes nerves and relieves strained back & leg muscles for expectant mothers. Doctor’s consent note must be presented during the time of your first scheduled appointment. Prenatal massage is only offered during the third trimester of your pregnancy.

Trigger-Point Therapy     60 min $75     90 min $105

Trigger point therapy releases deeply knotted muscle tissue that impairs healthy nerve function. Improves limited range of motion, congested muscles, and frees nerve impingement.

Reflexology     30 min $50     

A wellness treatment stimulating particular points on the hands or feet, which in turn improves other areas and organs.

Aromatherapy   60 min $75

Ease away the day’s stresses and bring your mind back into balance. Medicinal-grade essential oils enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Therapeutic Massage with Pure Fiji Foot Sugar Scrub
75 min $89

You know our massages are fantastic and fantastically relaxing. But don’t neglect your tired feet! You can now pair our traditional, therapeutic massage with a Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub for your aching feet. After relaxing with a full body massage, treat yourself to a foot scrub. The sugar is combined with essential oils and vitamins to rejuvenate your feet, after the sugar scrub gets rid of the dead, dry skin. This is especially helpful in the summer, when your feet are exposed to the heat, sand, and sun.

QI Reiki Therapy
90 min $125,   ( Packages available upon request )

A spiritual meditation of Universal Life Force energy or Reiki centers the chakras in alignment. Reiki is an ancient and natural method of hands-on holistic healing through positive energy. Reiki has been known to help reduce or alleviate pain, stress, depression, muscle fatigue,& many other medical ailments.

Tranquil Elephant
90 min $110

Journey through a relaxing therapeutic massage coupled with a Qi Reiki thearpy treatment.

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