Beautiful woman with facial mask at beauty salon. Spa treatment


Benefits of Solé Facials

• Relieves stress and muscle tension that causes deep wrinkles

• Removes environmental impurities from the skin

• Reduces the effects of sun damage, age spots, and scarring

• Evens out skin tone and complexion

• Increases blood circulation & Restores radiance to your skin

Solé Signature $7o

A gentle cleansing of the skin, an exfoliation to minimize pore size and extractions to eliminate impurities. Followed by a mask which calms the skin and assists with hydration. Lastly, a relaxing arm and shoulder massage with an application of softening nutrients and finishing with an application of sun block for protection of your beautiful skin.

Solé Specialty $95

The Process begins with a thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation. Relax with an arm and shoulder massage while your skin soaks in nutrients from a specialized mask. Finish felling relaxed and rejuvenated

Solé for Men $70

This 45 min. facial is designed specifically for men and begins with a thorough skin analysis followed by a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if needed). and mask. Therapeutic massage is incorporated into the treatment. *For best results, please shave prior to your facial.

Sole'Microcurrent Facial $125

All the basics of the Solé Signature Facial, with the added benefits of the toning properties of a microcurrent treatment. Try this great summer pick me up today!
-Energizes the facial muscles, giving an improved and lifted appearance to skin.
-Stimulates collagen production in skin.
-Improves skin texture.
-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


Solé Microdermabrasion $125

Microdermabrasion gently polishes the skin and removes dead skin cells, oils, and other buildup. It is possible to improve many skin conditions and the imperfections that lead to premature aging.

Solé Balance $90

Enzyme Peel -Reduces oil for clearer and smoother skin.

Solé Restore $75

Glycolic Peel - Regenerates and improves the appearance of skin texture and tone.

Solé Rejuvenation $85

Lactic Peel - Improves the appearance of fine lines while hydrating and balancing tone.

Solé Repair $105

14% Jessner Peel - Reduces the appearance of melasma, acne, and mild rosacea.

Collagen under eye treatments can be added to any facial for $20