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"I've been going to Sole Spa for the past couple of years. Their new location is great - the atmosphere is one of relaxation and comfort. Their services are very good - the facials from Fanny are fantastic - she really customizes your treatment. They have a monthly membership program which I wish I could take advantage of if I lived local. Highly recommend as this Spa really believes in treatments as a way of life."  Susann 7/22/12  www.Yahoo/

"Perfect place for affordable massages and waxing.  Atmosphere is nice, the staff is professional, and the prices are fair.  Diana is great, and I have had some of the best massages from Sarah.  I highly recommend this spa!"  JenniferD 9/17/11
"Before coming to Sole Spa, I never thought of a massage as more than a feel-good luxury; nice to do on occasion. When I began to have trouble walking, headaches, back, chest and arm pains, I went to several Drs. For two years I was given pain meds and tests were taken. But nothing changed. THEN I received a gift for a massage at Sole Spa. It has forever changed my mind about using massage therapy as a means for healing! Sole Spa has a pleasant and accommodating staff. Rooms are everything one would expect to bring about relaxation. The therapist's knowledge and techniques are nothing I've experienced before. I walked out that first day and said I would be back. And I did go back. In a short amount of time I have seen a huge improvement in posture, how long I can be on my feet, decreased headaches, and I can lie down without my arms and hands falling asleep. I have received tips on how to strengthen my muscles and improve sleep habits. After one terrible night of spasms I called for advice and my call was returned and I received helpful tips to relax my muscles. (thank you Alex!) I am now a believer in massage therapy; but perhaps there is just a little magic in those hands? Regardless, you bet I'll be back!"  SherryC 8/7/12
"After moving from Chicago I was trying to find a great spa for a quick waxing. After many attempts, I finally found a spa- Sole Spa -who could do a brazilian in under 15 minutes. Diana is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. Love it!"  Kim 7/4/12
"Sole Spa is clean, relaxing and one of the best spa's in Jacksonville. The owners take pride in their staff and profession. I highly recommend this spa, all of their services are top notch!"   12/23/12   Anonymous
"The masseuse was very knowledgeable and very professional." 12/13/12  Anonymous
"Fanny gave the most wonderful facial I've ever had. I was so relaxed that I almost started snoring and caught myself falling asleep. I NEVER FALL ASLEEP UNLESS I AM IN MY BED!"  8/16/12 Anonymous
"Diana was great! She's very personable and it shows she loves what she does. I received a leg waxing and it was virtually painless. I will definitely visit her again."  5/30/12 Anonymous

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